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The ancient Thebes represents the antique city of Luxor, the Old Kingdom’s capital- called by Homer the ‘City of one hundred gates’. It continued to be the capital of the pharaohs till the New Kingdom. Today, at the entrance in the Luxor Temple are two statues of 15 meters each, from blocks of granite, representing the pharaoh sitting on his throne, and in the main entrance`s back is the inner yard of Ramses II, with two lines of pillars and the statues of the king in different hypostases. Not far away, in the left side of the ancient Thebes is the well known Valley of the Kings, the necropolis of the antique Egypt, placed on the left shore of the Nile. Transformed into a royal cemetery during the rule of the Tutmes I and abandoned during the rule of the Ramses XI, here was the place where the pharaohs of the New Kingdom, after the process of embalming and mummification, were transported in a solemn procession and buried in an isolated valley, in the Thebes` hills. So far, 62 tombs of kings have been discovered and can be visited by public. From all the capitals of the ancient world, the ancient Thebes can be compared only with the Babylon, its contemporary, and with the much later Rome. There was no other town in Egypt to equal this new capital, through the majesty and the greatness of the architectonic constructions. By the time of the Old Kingdom, the ancient Thebes was an obscure place. It made itself remarked in history, only during the 11th Dynasty, when the local dynasts of the Thebe, with the residence at Thebes, unified the state after a period of crumbling and weakening of the royalty.



Egypt Ancient Thebes


Egypt Luxor


Egypt Luxor


Egypt First Pylon


First Pylon


Egypt Abu Haggag Mosque


Abu Haggag Mosque


Egypt Ancient Thebes


 Ancient Thebes


Egypt Bazaars


Egypt Bazaars


Egypt Colossi of Memnon


Colossi of Memnon


Egypt Ipet Resyt


Ipet Resyt


Egypt Malkatta




Egypt Medinet Habu Temple


Medinet Habu Temple


Egypt Nectanebo I


Nectanebo I


Egypt Nile Eastern Bank


Nile Eastern Bank


Egypt Opet Festival


Opet Festival


Egypt Pharaonic Monuments

Pharaonic Monuments


Egypt Red Granite Obelisk

Red Granite Obelisk


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