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The Mosque of Abu Haggag is situated in Luxor, Egypt, standing on the top of the Luxor Temple`s ruins, which was a worship centre dating from the pharaoh Amenhotep III`s reign (14th century BC). Built in the Luxor Temple North-East area, the mosque has the design of the Fatimid mosques like Al-Mashhad el-Bahari situated on the Nile’s bank or the Esna Mosque situated in Aswan. The mosque suffered some changes in the Ayyubit times. The mosque’s entrance is placed on the West side and has 3 arches of 12 meters each; the arches are covered with faience and marble. Inside the Mosque of Abu Haggag is a niche with a simple design without any ornaments. The mosque has also a little grave that is the Yousef Ibn Abdel-Raheem`s burial place. A line of balconies are on the mosque’s top; these balconies were made from baked bricks. The mosque was restored by Khedive Abbas Helmy II in 1914. The mosque was build atop the pharaoh’s columns which may seem invasive and precarious but when it was built, most of the temple’s parts were covered by land. There was tentative of tearing down the mosque but the locals totally rejected it. Abu Hagagg was born in Baghdad but the last half of his life (of 90 years) he lived in Luxor. The mosque minaret dates back from the 11th century, so it could be older than Abu Haggag. It was completely rebuilt in the 19th century after many other improvements. Abu Haggag is considered the principal saint of Luxor, and his mosque the heart of the local activities with religious specific. The local people think that the Mosque of Abu Haggag is an important religious place full of divine blessing (baraka).



Egypt Abu Haggag Mosque


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Egypt Abu Haggag Mosque


Abu Haggag Mosque


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