Egypt temple interior







On the above picture made in Egypt in Karnak, you can see the famous temple of Karnak. Above can be seen the hypostyle wall which is a type of architecture which is seen mainly in palaces, and temples as here. Karnak is gathering of ruined temples buildings and churches, it is considered as one of the most visited area in Egypt. The main temple is the one from Amun, a popular god who was worshipped by the ancient Egyptians. Karnak is located near the touristic village of Luxor and probably got its name from el-Karnal a neighbouring village. Egypt is a mysterious country that attracts lots of tourists every year; the tourists want to learn more about the famous pyramids and the pharaohs. The ancient Egyptians believed in god and in Karnak, Amun was considered as the King of Gods. Even that only part of the temples are seen in Karnak lot of tourists like to visit the place. Cairo is the capital city of Egypt and is quite modernized with lots of luxury hotels and bungalows. While visiting the magnificent country of Egypt one should not miss to visit the famous city of Karnak.



Egypt Temple Interior


Egypt Karnak


Egypt Karnak


Egypt First Pylon


First Pylon


Egypt God Amon


God Amon


Egypt Hypostyle Hall


 Hypostyle Hall


Egypt Ipet Isut


Egypt Ipet Isut


Egypt Karnak Complex


Karnak Complex


Egypt Kiosk of Taharka


Kiosk of Taharka


Egypt Obelisk of Tutmose III


Obelisk of Tutmose III


Egypt Ram Headed Sphinx


Ram Headed Sphinx


Egypt Ruins of Karnak


Ruins of Karnak


Egypt Sanctuary of Montu


Sanctuary of Montu


Egypt Second Pylon


Second Pylon


Egypt Statue of Ramses II

Statue of Ramses II


Egypt Temple Interior

Temple Interior


Egypt Temple of Amun

Temple of Amun






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