Egypt Obelisk of Tutmose III







Thutmose III was in the Eighteenth Dynasty of Egypt the sixth pharaoh. Hatshepsut was the stepmother of Thutmose III where he was the coregent of Hatshepsut during the first twenty of his reign. At this period, Hatshepsut was called pharaoh. In Egypt it is known that Thutmose II built over fifty temples and buildings. Thutmose was considered a great builder pharaoh. Thutmose III erected two obelisks in Karnak. Thutmose gave more attention to the city of Karnak than other cities; Thutmose III was the one who rebuilt the hyposty hall of Thutmose I who was his grandfather. He also built Pylon VI, which was schrine for the bark of God Amun. The tekhen waty known as unique obelisk was erected until it was raised by Thutmose IV thirty five years later. It was then brought to Rome and is now known as the Lateran Obelisk. Another obelisk was erected by the Christian Roman Emperor Theodosius I in the Hippodrome of Constantinople. Karnak is one the most visited area in Egypt even though only ruined temples and buildings are seen there but so rich in history and mystery. Egypt stays one of the Seven Wonders in the world, everyone is curious to know how the pharaohs lived and how those famous pyramids where constructed.



Egypt Obelisk of Tutmose III


Egypt Karnak


Egypt Karnak


Egypt First Pylon


First Pylon


Egypt God Amon


God Amon


Egypt Hypostyle Hall


 Hypostyle Hall


Egypt Ipet Isut


Egypt Ipet Isut


Egypt Karnak Complex


Karnak Complex


Egypt Kiosk of Taharka


Kiosk of Taharka


Egypt Obelisk of Tutmose III


Obelisk of Tutmose III


Egypt Ram Headed Sphinx


Ram Headed Sphinx


Egypt Ruins of Karnak


Ruins of Karnak


Egypt Sanctuary of Montu


Sanctuary of Montu


Egypt Second Pylon


Second Pylon


Egypt Statue of Ramses II

Statue of Ramses II


Egypt Temple Interior

Temple Interior


Egypt Temple of Amun

Temple of Amun






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