Egypt Karnak Complex







Karnak is located near the small village el-Karnak which consists of ruined chapels, temples and other buildings. For the ancient Egyptian, Karnak was known as Ipet Isut. The main temple on the ruined site is the Great Temple of Amun. Karnak is considered as the largest religious site in the world and is an open air museum near the city of Luxor. The main feature of Karnak complex is the God Amun who in the past was not very popular. With time Amun became a popular worshipped deity and stayed all along the history and mythology of ancient Egypt. The ancient Egyptians believed a lot in Gods. Amun was considered as the King of all pharaohs. In the temple of Amun is seen the hypostyle architecture where the roof are not held by arches but only with pillars or columns which gives more volume to room. Hypostyle architectures are usually found in palaces or temples. Ipet Isut name used by the ancient Egyptian for Karnak mean “The Most Selected of Places”. The avenue which leads to the first pylon in Karnak is all along with ram headed sphinxes, the Ram or the Goose is the symbol of Amun. The most visited temple is the Precinct of Amun and it is almost the only part allowed to the visitors. The Temple of Amenhotep IV, the Precinct of Mut and the Precinct of Montu are closed to visitors.



Egypt Karnak Complex


Egypt Karnak


Egypt Karnak


Egypt First Pylon


First Pylon


Egypt God Amon


God Amon


Egypt Hypostyle Hall


 Hypostyle Hall


Egypt Ipet Isut


Egypt Ipet Isut


Egypt Karnak Complex


Karnak Complex


Egypt Kiosk of Taharka


Kiosk of Taharka


Egypt Obelisk of Tutmose III


Obelisk of Tutmose III


Egypt Ram Headed Sphinx


Ram Headed Sphinx


Egypt Ruins of Karnak


Ruins of Karnak


Egypt Sanctuary of Montu


Sanctuary of Montu


Egypt Second Pylon


Second Pylon


Egypt Statue of Ramses II

Statue of Ramses II


Egypt Temple Interior

Temple Interior


Egypt Temple of Amun

Temple of Amun






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