Egypt Ipet Isut







Ipet Isut was the name used for Karnak in Egypt in ancient Egyptian time. Ipet Isut means in Egyptian ancient words “Most Select of Places”. Ipet Isut is the temple complex which is one of the most visited places in Egypt. Ipet Isut was the place where lived Amun considered as the Kings of all Gods and was one of the most worshipped gods in Egypt. The main temple was the Great Temple of Amun and around were small temples where lived other deities. In the mythology it is said that Amun was married to Mut and who gave bith to a boy called Khonsu. Ipet Isut is a site where are seen ruined temples but when one visit the place, they can imagine and go through the history of Karnak, this is how the place is called today. Ipet Isut is everywhere pylons, walls, columns and sphinxes avenue. Karnak is also the place where one can discover the hypostyle architecture in the Karnak temple. Egypt is a country full of mysteries and attracts a lot of tourists who are curious to learn more about those famous pyramids and pharaohs.



Egypt Ipet Isut


Egypt Karnak


Egypt Karnak


Egypt First Pylon


First Pylon


Egypt God Amon


God Amon


Egypt Hypostyle Hall


 Hypostyle Hall


Egypt Ipet Isut


Egypt Ipet Isut


Egypt Karnak Complex


Karnak Complex


Egypt Kiosk of Taharka


Kiosk of Taharka


Egypt Obelisk of Tutmose III


Obelisk of Tutmose III


Egypt Ram Headed Sphinx


Ram Headed Sphinx


Egypt Ruins of Karnak


Ruins of Karnak


Egypt Sanctuary of Montu


Sanctuary of Montu


Egypt Second Pylon


Second Pylon


Egypt Statue of Ramses II

Statue of Ramses II


Egypt Temple Interior

Temple Interior


Egypt Temple of Amun

Temple of Amun






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