Egypt Hypostyle Hall







The hypostyle hall is located in temple complex of Karnak near the village of el-Karnak. In architecture the hypostyle constructions are where roofs rest on columns or pillars, lot of examples are seen in the ruins of the Karnak temple complex. The word hypostyle means literally under pillars, in the hypostyle architecture there is no need of arches in the construction. Those type of construction are mostly seen in palaces or temples as in Karnak in the temple of God Amon. Hypostyle architecture is also seen in Persia in the ruins of Persepolis. In the Karnak are seen ruins of temples, chapels and other buildings, the site one of the most visited in Egypt. Egypt itself with its pyramids constructed still forms part of the Seven Wonders of the World. Egypt is a country that attracts the curiosity of the tourist who wants to know more the pyramid construction, the pharaoh, and the mummification. There is a so much to see in this magnificent country. Cairo the capital city of Egypt is also a touristic area which has modern areas and sites with old buildings with various histories. Egypt itself is full of mysteries and wonders which makes it beauty.



Egypt Hypostyle Hall


Egypt Karnak


Egypt Karnak


Egypt First Pylon


First Pylon


Egypt God Amon


God Amon


Egypt Hypostyle Hall


 Hypostyle Hall


Egypt Ipet Isut


Egypt Ipet Isut


Egypt Karnak Complex


Karnak Complex


Egypt Kiosk of Taharka


Kiosk of Taharka


Egypt Obelisk of Tutmose III


Obelisk of Tutmose III


Egypt Ram Headed Sphinx


Ram Headed Sphinx


Egypt Ruins of Karnak


Ruins of Karnak


Egypt Sanctuary of Montu


Sanctuary of Montu


Egypt Second Pylon


Second Pylon


Egypt Statue of Ramses II

Statue of Ramses II


Egypt Temple Interior

Temple Interior


Egypt Temple of Amun

Temple of Amun






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