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Thutmose III, meaning “Thoth is Born”, was a pharaoh from the 18th Dynasty. His reign lasted from 1479 till 1425 BC and he is considered as on of the greatest pharaohs of Egypt. After the death of his father, Thutmose III took the throne but he couldn’t` t rule being too young, so the reign was taken by the wife of Thutmose III’s father – Hatshepsut. After her death, the reign was taken by Thutmose III. He had seventeen campaign conquering territories from Syria North (like Niy) and from Nubia. Due to his military conquest Thutmose III was called the Egypt’s Napoleon; he captured about 350 cities using the warfare as a method of turning Egypt into a military force and superpower. Facts that made him a great Egyptian pharaoh, his victory in the battle of Megiddo represents one of his biggest accomplishments. The pharaoh had an army made from ten thousands men in chariots and on foot. Thutmose III was not only a conqueror but also great builder; he built more than fifty Egyptians temples and enlarged others. The pharaoh was also a religious person, in his childhood being educated in the Theban temple. In the temples that he built, he placed numerous statues that show him giving gifts to the gods. More, during the reign of Thutmose III in Egypt the artistic skills reached new levels and the architecture reached some unique developments that weren’t` t reached before or after his reign. After Thutmose III died, he was buried in the Valley of the Kings; Deir El-Cache is the place where his mummy was found in 1886, and a statement according to which he reigned for 55 years was found in his tomb. The pharaoh’s remains can be seen at the Cairo Museum.



Egypt Thutmose III




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