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Thutmose I was an Egypt pharaoh from the 18th Dynasty; he got the throne after Amenhotep I died. Thutmose I had battles in Nubia and Levant; he won in Nubia in a hand to hand battle and he returned to Thebes having on his ship’s front the body of the Nubian chief. This pharaoh also had fights with the Hyksos tribes; as a sign of his victory, Thutmose I made a hall in Karnak only from columns of cedar wood. He pushed the Egypt’s borders much further. The pharaoh built a dug tomb in Egypt Valley of the Kings and numerous temples. His reign lasted from 1506 till 1493 BC and after he died he was succeeded by Thutmose II who was also succeeded by his sister - Hatshepsut. Thutmose I wife was Amenhotep I sister – Ahmose. Deir El Bahri is the place where the pharaoh was buried when the place where his mummy was discovered above the Hatshepsut’s mortuary temple. A pharaoh from the 21st Dynasty took the coffin of Thutmose I and re-used it which made the Egyptologists to think that the mummy of the pharaoh was lost. But after some identification work it was proved that the mummy found belongs to Thutmose I. The mummy was described as revealing an emaciated and small body but showing evidences of a not usual muscular strength. The pharaoh` s head was bald, he had refined features, with a mouth that was bearing the expression that is typically for shrewdness. It seems that Thutmose I had more than 50 years old when he passed away, a thing established by the incisor teeth. Those who want to see the mummy of the Egypt’s pharaoh Thutmose I can visit the Cairo’s Egyptian Museum.



Egypt Thutmose I




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