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The Egyptian pantheon can be defined as the total of the Egyptian gods. All Egypt goddesses and gods make the Egyptian pantheon; they are called neters which is an Egyptian word representing the origin of the word ‘nature’. The members are anthropomorphic and Zoomorphic in nature are shown as part human-part animal, for example, in numerous images, Sekhmet appears as having a woman’s body and a lion’s head. On her head can be seen a sun disc and a cobra which symbolize the sun’s power and the vital kundalini energy. Also, the goddess carries the papyrus staff and the ankh as symbols of her power and divine status. The qualities embodied by Sekhmet are the healing the compassion and the courage. The archetypal qualities that can be found in nature are represented by every member of the pantheon. Knowing these archetypes allow us to understand the nature’s mysteries and depths, the divinity and ourselves. According to some specialists, the divine qualities can be awake in us if we have a relationship with the neters; the areas of our existence that need energy can be vitalized if we work with the neters. For instance, Sobek or Anubis can help you to transform your fear; also, Anubis can help the persons who have a traumatized past, by healing the wounds. Sekhmet can offer the compassion and the courage to the solar feminine power. The persons who work with Hathor can receive joy, juiciness and ecstasy in their life. The persons who work with Isis can receive the awake of the feminine spiritual nourishment as well as the needed sustenance on the life’s path. By having a relationship with the Egyptian Pantheon, the people can follow the path of discovering who they really are.



Egypt Panthenon




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