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Neferure meaning “the Re` s beauty”, was the daughter of Thutmose II and of Hatshepsut. Thutmose III was her half-brother. After her mother was promoted as pharaoh, Neferure gained a powerful position inside the royal court. Neferure received a special education from her mother’s advisers like Senemut, Ahmose and Senimen. Eight statues of Senemut with Neferure were discovered, the arm of Senemut being around her, in a protective way.Neferure was described as the Great Wife after Hatshepsut became a pharaoh; in an inscription discovered at Sinai, she is called “the King` s daughter, the king’s wife”. It seems that she was prepared to become a pharaoh too and she was destined to marry with Thutmose III which happened in the end. But she passed away before his husband became a pharaoh; this is why she was not recorded as Thutmose III’s Great Royal Wife. There are only few images of Neferure as an adult and more images of her as a child. In a Karnak relief she appears with Hatshepsut as a pharaoh; she is also depicted with Amun and in the text she appears as the Amun God` s Wife. There is no exactly information about the year of the Neferure` s death, but it seems that she died very young. In the first tomb of Senemut she appears depicted; her name appears on an inscription from Serbit el Khadim but in Senemut’s second tomb she doesn’t` t appear. There are some speculations about her still being alive when Thutmose became pharaoh, according to a reference about her in Djeser-Djeseru. It is also mentioned her as being the mother of Thutmose’s first child, Amenemhat. A tomb that could belong to Neferure was discovered but no remains of her were found inside the tomb.



Egypt Neferure




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