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Queen Hatshepsut was an Egypt’s pharaoh woman from 1500 B.C.; her name means “Foremost of Noble Ladies”; she was a strong ruler, and one of the most important women in world’s history. Thutmose I was her father and after his death he took his place since Thutmose III was too young to be pharaoh. But to rule in the name of somebody else was not enough for Hatshepsut who proclaimed herself the Egypt’s pharaoh, dressing in sacred pharaoh clothing and mounting the throne. Hatshepsut was Egypt’s ruler for 21 years, her reign being longer than of the other women of an Egyptian dynasty. This pharaoh woman brought important contributions to the Egypt’s history such as the peace with the tribes of Nubia, or the missions sent to the people along the coast of East Africa. Another achievement of Hatshepsut was a mission to an Asia kingdom. The reason why Hatshepsut died is still a mystery. She died suddenly and it happened in 1458 BC, some historians say that she was killed by Thutmose III who tried, after her death, to destroy all the Hatshepsut’s memories from Egypt. His tries failed, fortunately. And so, the temple of Hatshepsut still exists in Deir El Bahri – Valley of the Kings, where in the ancient Egypt was the city of Thebes. She was not the only pharaoh woman in history but she remains as one of the most interesting women of the world, with a prosperous and long reign. Although Hatshepsut had success in warfare at the beginning of her reign, she is known as a pharaoh who started a long era of peace. Egypt enjoyed wealth during her reign which allowed her to start building projects which made form in her time architecture a very unique one.



Egypt Hatshepsut




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