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Great Royal Wife was a title offered to the wife of the Egypt pharaoh in the day of the pharaoh’s coronation. This first happened in the 18th Dynasty and the first woman who received this title was Nubkhaes in the Second Intermediate Period. Senusret III’s wife, Meretseger, was the first queen consort who had her name written in a cartouche. The great royal wife could have been a daughter or a sister of the king and not necessary the woman to who the king had sexual relations. The pharaohs could have more wives or concubines beside the great royal wife. The royal women played an important role in the ancient Egypt religion, the great royal wife being the one who was officiating the temples rites, as priestess, the culture of ancient Egypt being one in which the religion interwoven with the rulers roles. The only woman in the Egypt’s history who received the title of pharaoh was Hatshepsut, although there were other women too who ruled Egypt. She was the wife of Thutmose II and after his death she self was proclaimed pharaoh, ruling Egypt till her stepson Thutmose III had the right edge to rule the country. Hatshepsut was a queen regnant, reaching the greatest power that was ever reached by a great royal wife. Pharaoh Akhenaten from the Amarna period offered to his great royal wife Nefertiti a position very close to his own; so Nefertiti was his co-regent, sharing more in the religious rituals than any great royal wife before her or after her. Ramasses II didn’t` t offer his wife some big powers but he loved her very much and built the temple from Abu Simbel for her, as prove of his affection and devotion for her.



Egypt Great Royal Wife




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