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The Djeser-Djeseru is the central point of the Deir El-Bahri complex in Egypt. It means the holy of holies’ but it’s only an abbreviation, the complete Egyptian name being: “the great temple of million of years, the temple of Amun of Djeser djeseru at his outstanding place of the first time”. Djeser-Djeseru is a colonnaded structure sitting in the top of some colonnanded terraces; it was built into a cliff face by the Hatshepsut’s architect and royal steward Senemut. The structure can be reached by ramps that are long and which used to be graced with gardens, it was built for Hatshepsut posthumous worship as well as to honor the Amun’s glory, and it was considered as one of the ancient Egypt incomparable monuments. Djeser-Djeseru has 30 meters tall and combines functions like the dead king’s cult, the cult of the king and the gods’ cult. The structure has a central ramp where, at either side are pillared galleries that correspond to the pillars of the Mentuhotep temple’s successive levels. Between Djeser-Djeseru and the temple’s valley is causeway long of about one kilometer that used to be lied with sphinxes of sandstone and representing the lying lions that have the queen Hatshepsut head. Temple of Hatshepsut has an unusual form because of the location that was chosen in the Deir El- Bahri` s valley with steep cliffs as surroundings. There is the place where the Middle Kingdom’s founder, Mentuhotep II, laid out his mortuary temple, in 2050 BC. His temple was terrace-shaped and sloping. The Hatshepsut` s temple in Deir el-Bahari is also a terrace temple and completely made from limestone. The construction is one of the most famous buildings of ancient Egypt and a part of the Egypt’s history.



Egypt Djeser Djeseru




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