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Deir el-Bahri is the name of a complex of tombs and mortuary temples situated on the Nile West Bank in Egypt and literally it means the Northern Monastery. The Mentuhotep II mortuary temple from the 11th Dynasty was the first monument that was built in Deir el-Bahri. More constructions on this site were made by Hatshepsut and Amenhotep I in the 18th Dynasty. The two buildings are very different, the temple of Hatshepsut having a colonnaded terrace. The terraces are in number of 3, layered and reaching a height of 30 meters. A double colonnade of piers articulates each terrace, excepting the central terrace’s North-West corner, which has Proto-Doric columns to sustain the chapel. Long ramps make the connection between the terraces; the ramps used to be surrounded by gardens. The Hatshepsut temple’s layering corresponds with the Theban form, employing chapel, sun court, pylon, hypostyle hall, sanctuary and courtsAs regarding the hieroglyphic decorations, inside the temple of Hatshepsut is a relief sculpture that recites the pharaoh’s divine birth tale. The pictorial cycle and the text speak about the expedition to an exotic country called Land of Punt and situated on the Fred Sea coast. Pillars painted with images of Hathor are situated on the sanctuary entrance either side and a image of Wadjet is under the roof. Two Osiris’ statue was once held by Deir el-Bahri temple, as well as some sculptures of Hatshepsut in attitudes like kneeling, standing or sitting and a long avenue with sphinxes. In the temple is an image of Hatshepsut as a man that gives offerings to Horus and a image of a tall staff that may be a sea lion or a seal. Unfortunately, the ornamentation and the statues were destroyed or stolen.



Egypt Deir el Bahri




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