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The only world wonder that still survives in a complete form and is easy to be recognized is the Great Pyramid from Giza, Egypt. The oldest wonder world is was not an isolated phenomenon but the apogee of a long succession of tombs` evolution which culminated at Giza. When Cheops begun the construction of his pyramid, he had a strong religious base, was leaded by long tradition and a long evolution. Curiously, in spite of the Great Pyramid dimensions and importance, only one complete representation of his creator is known. It is a small statue from ivory, found in 103 in the foundations of the temple dedicated to god Osiris from Abydos. Before the starting of the activity, was necessary to prepare the ground which had to be leveled and its sides had to be directed carefully to the cardinal points. But in the case of the Great Pyramid an exception was made: in the center of the area where the future pyramid was going to be build a portion of not dislocated rock was let. We can judge the precision with which the old Egypt's people measured by the fact that the four sides` error of ranging is only of few fractions of grade. The difference of length between the longest and the shortest of the four sides is smaller than 20 centimeters. This one last fact is incredible if we take into account two things: all the measures were made on the sides` length and they were made with the help of the ropes and strings. In spite of the fact that we can analyze the pyramid itself we can not know for sure exactly how the pyramid was made. The most plausible theory says that it was built with the extern platforms.



Egypt World Wonder




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