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The world heritage site of Giza is the Egypt's famous pyramids place. From the three big cultures, the Egyptians created the standards of a classic pyramid: a massive monument with a square base and four sides that unifies in one point. The Aztecs built the pyramids in successive steps, which ended with a flat roof. The reason why Egypt's people choose to built their pyramids with the pointed top are of religious nature. The Egyptian god of the sun was Ra, considered the father of all the pharaohs. The legend says that Ra self created from a land hillock that had the shape of a pyramid, which served as a model to create the other gods. It seems that the pharaohs started the building of a pyramid when they started their reign. The king used to establish from the beginning the main members of the team that was going to raise his pyramid. The team was made from one architect, one engineer and a constructer-chief. The way the Egyptian workers cut the stones to use them in construction is still an object of study for the researches. The tools used to mould the materials that were less tough were identified but the identification of the tools used for rough stones still continues. Some specialists say that the people force was enough to move the very hard stones, in the process interfering the engineers` inventiveness, the creators of some small systems made to make the work easier. But there are skeptics that don't believe that these hard construction materials could be moved without any machineries. In any of the cases, the result is incredible, the pyramids being a more than precious heritage for Egypt that continues to fascinate the entire planet.



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