Egypt view over sphinx pyramids







View Sphinx Pyramids and you will understand why these Egypt wonders fascinate the whole world! With a smile more enigmatic than the one of Mona Lisa, the Giza Sphinx in Egypt looks at distances, over this world, like it would want to see the point where the Sun arises at the vernal equinox. The amazing Sphinx has 73 meters in length and 20 meters in height, being sculpted in rock. The statue is a monolith, in comparison with the pyramids which are built from rock blocks superposed. Without the Sphinx the Giza complex would be incomplete, because the Sphinx says when and why this architectonic complex was projected. The year when the statue was made is not known for sure. Considering the vertical tracks of the Sphinx, which are is a result of the erosion suffered by the statue, show that the statue was washed my rains for a long time. This only means that the Egypt Sphinx was built in a era when in Egypt were abundant rains. So, or the Sphinx is older than the pyramids and the complex of Giza, which is unitary whole, laid on more millenniums, or the pyramids were, at some point, rebuilt. Some descriptions and paintings made by different visitors who came to see the pyramids and the Sphinx in the last two millenniums shows that in the biggest part of the Sphinx existence it was buried in the sand brought by the wind, only the head remaining visible. From the half of the 19th century, the relieving of the emplacement began, which leaded to the destroying of many valuable archeological information. The remaining sand was finally removed in 1930. One thing is for sure: the fabulous Sphinx still has numerous secrets that are waiting to be discovered.



Egypt View over Sphinx Pyramids




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