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During the world’s history the Giza Pyramids have stimulated the people imagination who called them ‘The Joseph's granary’ or ‘The Pharaohs` Mountains. Today, the Giza Pyramids are Egypt's main touristic attraction, bringing thousands of tourists every year. A lot of people who saw the pyramids on tv or in pictures want to come to Egypt to see them right in front of their eyes. It is an incredible feeling to have in front of you more than 4.500 years of history. The tourists are so excited about seeing this Egypt wonders that you can often see the tourists climbing the immense steps of the pyramids. They are all fascinated by the three pyramids that were built in the honor of the dead pharaohs, one next to the other and placed in chronological order and also after their size, from Cheops to Menkaurie. The three monolith constructions are monuments that are in the pictures of so many people from all around the world! The pyramid of Chephren waits for its visitors with stairs situated at the entrance on a tight corridor and getting down about 200 meters. The air inside is rare and with humidity. At the end of the stairs is a large hall which represented the funerary complex that includes the mortuary temple in which the pharaoh was buried. The people are free to imagine how the pyramids were made creating theories that varies from impossible to almost impossible: astronomical observations, veneration places, geometrical structures made by a very old civilization and even theories about the pyramids being built by extraterrestrials. But no matter the theory you believe in, under the hot sun of Egypt, arising from the middle of the hot sands, the Great Pyramids with its sisters waits for you to discover them!



Egypt Tourists Climbing




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