Egypt stone structure







The most famous stone structure in Egypt is represented by the Giza pyramids. Although recently was an failed attempt of building a smaller duplicate of the Great pyramid, the Pyramid itself resists for more than 4.600 years, remaining a world wonder. The modern technology and information can not do what the ancient Egypt did. Each part of the incredible and famous Egypt stone structure is directed to the one of the four cardinal points. On the North side of the pyramid the entrance is placed. The corridors and the galleries lead to the pharaoh's mortuary chamber or have another functions. The king's chamber is in center of the pyramid, being accessed only through the Big Gallery and a ascendant passage. The construction is exceptionally from other points such as its emplacement, at the entrance of the tightest part of the Giza area; another exceptional thing is the pyramid proportions, regulated after the number of gold. The considerable length of the slope of 187 meters needed the use of some new technical of construction. For such dimensions, the clay binding material used by Imhotep was not enough anymore. That's why Cheops used the plaster mortar, with fast weight. The pyramid needed a volume of 2.5 million meters of stone, many of the blocks being brought from a distance of tens of kilometers. The local stone structure, much better than the one of Saqqara was used only for the exterior of the pyramid and for the construction of the sustaining footing of the internal architecture. The footing itself, the corridors, the queen's chamber and the Great Gallery were made from block perfectly cut, from calcareous stone brought by the river from big distances. The chamber of the king was made from red granite of Assuan.



Egypt Stone Structure




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