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The pyramids of Giza built for the Khafre king, for the Khufu king and for the Menkaure king (all of them being kings of the 4ty dynasty) are not so very beautifully adorned as they used to be but they still dominate the line of the Cairo's sky. The pyramid of Khufu is the biggest construction made by humans- except for the Great China Wall. This pyramid is also the first on the list of the seven wonders of the ancient world and the only wonder that survived. The Khufu pyramid has a height of 146.6 meters, the equivalent of a 50 floors sky-scraper. On this pyramid surface would enter the world’s five biggest churches and from the stones used to built this pyramids could have been built all the churches built in Germany in the last 1000 years. The pyramid of Khufu has 6 400 000 tones. The pyramids were built to protect the bodies of the deceased kings, their jewelries, their furniture and other objects which the kings would use in their afterlife. The pyramids for the queens were smaller. The pyramid complexes included a funerary temple which was linked of a temple in the Valley trough a stoned way. In the temple the funerary rituals were made. After the dead of the king his body was embalmed, his brain and his viscera were taken away; the body was preserved in lye wash and put in a sheet. All these were accompanied by the lecture of some holly texts and ceremonials. After 70 days the mummy was put in the mortuary chamber. The immense dimensions of the pyramids from the 4th dynasty and the immense resources that made their building possible speak for themselves about the wealth and greatness of the pharaohs of those times.



Egypt Pyramids of Giza




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