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There’s no wonder if anyone wants to have a pyramid picture, since Egypt pyramids have more than 4 millenniums and are still the source of numerous questions and curiosities about how were they made and by who. The pyramids of Egypt are among the biggest constructions in the world and are wonders of the world. One of them is the only wonder of the seven that still exists: the pyramid of Cheops. How the rock blocks were laid is a question that still gives birth to various theories. One of them says that for the pyramid construction was built a platform, straight or in spiral, which was arisen once with the pyramid. The platform was covered with water and mud and made the rock blocks transportation easier. Another theory sustain that the blocks was arose with the help of some long levers. Herodot wrote that for the pyramid's construction were necessary over 20 years and the work of 100.000 people, but the theories are different, so other said that were necessary 300.000 people, and other 60.000 people were necessary to transport the rock blocks from the place of the excavation to the place of the building. In the end, the Egyptologists decided that there were used 2.400.000 rock stones, about 20 years of work, a rock block being laid at every 2 minutes. Each rock blocks had between 2 tones and 80 tones. But these dates don't include the force, the work and the time necessary for the projection, the ground level and for the supervision. One recently theory says that the people who worked at the pyramid’s building weren’t slaves but paid workers. The Great Pyramid amazes also through its interior arrangement, very different from the one of its sisters: it has a bigger number of passages and rooms.



Egypt Pyramid Picture




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