Egypt pyramid of khafre







The pyramid of Khafre was built by the King Khafra (also called the king Khafre). This was the second pyramid built on the Giza plateau, made from blocks of limestone that it seems to be smaller and of lower quality. It is not as larger as the Great Pyramid of Khufu but it looks larger because the elevation on which the pyramid was built is around 10 meters higher than the elevation of the King Khufu's pyramid. Although the pyramid's height is about 136.5 meters now, the original height of this pyramid was of 143.5 meters. The square basis have 215.25 meters each. The pyramid of Khafre was planned to build the pyramid over the burial chamber but in the end, the burial chamber was made underneath the pyramid` South. On the pyramid's North side are two passages and also two entrances. One descending passage leads to the burial chamber right from the ground. The later passage opens 16 meters. The pyramid’s capstone doesn’t exist anymore, but the pyramid apex still has the casing which is polished and made from limestone of white color. The casings of some lower parts from the exterior, made from granite still exist, too. The granite of grey color is the material from which the sarcophagus of the king Khafre is made from; half of it is placed in a paving that is very thick. This paving used to cover a bigger part of the burial chamber floor. The mortuary temple has an antechamber that is adorned with two monolithic pillars made from granite of pink color. Another 12 pairs of these monolith pillars are situated in the entrance hall. In the temple's middle is a courtyard, large and open, and along the courtyard sites is an ambulatory covered by a roof made from limestone.



Egypt Pyramid of Khafre




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