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The Old Kingdom is a continuation of the Early Dynastic Period, including the 4th dynasty (2575 - 2465 BC), the 5th dynasty (2465 - 2323 BC) and the 6th dynasty (2323 - 2150 BC). In the 4th century there were many religious, political and cultural changes. Is the period where the pyramids that have smooth surfaces where built. That change resulted from the solar religious views and from the technological development. The pyramids construction was possible due to the government of those times, which was a strong one, and due to a prosperous economy. The necessary resources for the pyramids building were provided by the royal estates. The private tombs built in that period in the vicinity of the royal pyramids are decorated with objects of a high quality which shows the status and the wealth of the kings and pharaohs that own that pyramids. Also, the objects found in the tombs tell a lot about the everyday life of the Egyptians in that period. The 5th dynasty is the period when the solar religion was really established, when beside the pyramids were made solar temples. The decorations of the pharaohs` tomb are even richer and sophisticated. The tombs of some private persons were built in the province of the owners. The first pyramid with texts inside of it is made by the king Unas; the texts are about the king's afterlife. The 6th dynasty represents the beginning of the Old Kingdom's decline. The king's power decayed because of the power was centralized to the local and central administrations. Another cause was the decreasing of the Nile inundations which lead to some misunderstandings between the central government and the local governors and administrators. The Old Kingdom end came with the 7th and the 8th dynasties` kings.



Egypt Old Kingdom




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