Egypt man face lion body







Man face lion body, well known as the Great Sphinx of Egypt, is situated in the Khafra pyramid south, on a place that once used to be a huge quarry. This amazing structure dates from about 5.000 years ago and was built by the workers of the pharaoh Khafra, from an immense block of stone from which they carved a lion body with the head of the pharaoh. This construction was made like a sun temple and it is similar with the sun temples that were built by the 5th dynasty kings. A stela was put between the sphinx front paws by The Egypt's king Thutmose the 4th, who ruled between 1425 and 1417. The Sphinx was worshiped for a period of time as the Ra of the Two Horizons but originally, the statue was built to be a Giza pyramids` guardian. The larger statue of the Egypt man face lion body statue has more than 240 feet in length, 66 feet in height, the Sphinx's eyes have 6 feet in height and the face has 13 feet in height. The statue doesn't have its beard and it nose but in the British Museum you can see the statue's beard. It seems that the nose disappeared because of the vandals who destroyed it. The humidity and the wind coming form Egypt's capital damaged the Sphinx that had to be restored in 1980; the restoration lasted 6 years when over 2.000 blocks of limestone were placed but in 1988 the statue's left shoulder suffered at deterioration that caused the falling of some blocks. Also, during the time, some parts of the statue, especially the bottom part, were buried by sand. But the Sphinx shoulder was rehabilitated and is being cared of it to remain the same guardian of the Egypt's pyramids.



Egypt Man Face Lion Body




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