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The king Khafra was an Egyptian pharaoh, also known as Khephren, Chephren, Khafre, Khauf-Re or Khaf-Re. This pharaoh belonged to the 4th Dynasty but there is no certain information about the years of his reign. The name of the pharaoh means ‘to appear like Ra’. It seems that the king Khafra had many wives including his brother’s daughter - Meresankh II; Khameremebty I was other wife of the pharaoh. He had three sons: Menkaure, Sekhemkare and Nekure, and one daughter - Khameremebty II. The king successor was Menkaure who married his sister. Some objects that dates from the king Khafra’s reign were discovered in the Beirut's North and in Syria, which means that the pharaoh was involved in foreign diplomacy or trade. He may also have made some expeditions in Sinai. The king Khafra left some incredible treasures for Egypt and for the entire world, like the pyramids complex from Giza, the Great Sphinx which was built by him. It is also supposed that the face adorning the immense statue is of the pharaoh Khafra, too. Other extraordinary artifact discovered in the Khafra`s valley temple is the Khafra statue made from diorite. Now the statue can be seen at the Egyptian Antiquities Museum. The pharaoh was catalogued as a despotic king, like his father, king Khufu was too. The king Khafra died in 2480 BC. The pyramid of Khafra will always be a testimony of this pharaoh times greatness. The pyramid is one of the most interesting pyramids in Egypt that constitute a study object for many specialists. The pharaoh’s temple was made from granite, the floor from alabaster of white color. The floor used to have 23 superb statues of Horus and of Khafra, made from diorite. Today, the whole Khafra complex from Giza is visited by thousands of tourists.



Egypt King Khafra




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