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Transcendent and enigmatic, the Great Sphinx of Egypt was also called the Guardian of Giza because it was built to protect the Giza pyramids. After 5.000 years, the Sphinx is still a big mystery for the men of science. The ancient sciences of mysteries associated to the Egypt's Gnosticism, the astrology, the tarot or the alchemy give a special importance to the Sphinx relating it to the keeper of the great mysteries, the one who has the keys of the knowledge of the Universe great mysteries. The Egypt’s legends says that under the statue are underground labyrinths where you can wander for months and months and in their center would be hidden sources of knowledge. The radar tests detected some anomalies in the structure of the ground on which the Sphinx is situated indicating the presence of some cavities in the ground. All the anomalies seemed connected through a narrow cavity but no diggings were made under the Sphinx or under any pyramid. Like in all the religions of the world, the sphinx symbolism is very tight related to the light, as well as the entire religion of Egypt. The Sphinx is placed with its face right to the sunrise, waiting for it, symbolizing the life as a rebirth as the royal tombs were placed on the Nile’s West bank, in analogy with the sun opposite symbolizing the life that gone away. There are important differences between the statue head and its body. There are theories about one huge lion statue discovered by Egyptians in the sands of the Giza plateau and modified it to have the pharaoh face. Some of the Egyptologists said that under the Sphinx is a secret room, but they didn't obtain the Egypt government's approval to make the necessary excavations, all of these remaining theories.



Egypt Guardian of Giza




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