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The Giza pyramids site is situated at a few kilometers from the Cairo south. The Giza pyramids site has two important groups of constructions, which are separated and defined by a wadi. The three pyramids of Khafre, Menkaure and Khufu, as well as the Great Sphinx represent the larger group; this group also includes private mastabas made for the nobles, mortuary temples and small pyramids. On the south East area is placed the later group made from several private tombs that belonged to the people of different classes. The deference between the pyramids from the former group and the pyramids of the second group is that the first ones were made from limestone brought from stone quarries while the monuments of the second group are made from local rocks. It seems that Giza has it role of necropolis since the pharaohs` reign begun. There were some discoveries made on the Giza site that proves that fact: a tomb dating from the rule of the Pharaoh Wadj (who belonged to the First Dynasty reign) and jars in a tomb of the Pharaoh Ninetjer from the Second Dynasty. Of course, the pharaoh Khufu is the one who made from Giza the necropolis that can be seen today. To build the complex, the pharaoh even destroyed some old tombs. His pyramid is the largest one, dominating the site. Unfortunately, it were some periods when stones from the monuments were taken by the people living in the Cairo's vicinity to use them in the constructions of some buildings. Not only that the white limestone stones were taken but also the soft stones. This vandalize of the pyramids stopped in the 19th century and if it wouldn't had existed, the actual pyramids would have looked very much like their initially structure.



Egypt Giza Pyramids Site Entrance




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