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All the Egyptian pyramids were built on the West side of the Nile river, which used to be associated with the land of the death, in the Egypt's mythology. The number of the pyramids built in Egypt reached to about 112, the small pyramids appearing in the poorer states and the big one there where the opulence was the watchword. It have been discovered that the pyramids were grouped in sectors from North to South. The Giza plateau (also known as the Gizeh plateau) has pyramids built by the pharaoh Khufu (also known as Kheops or Cheops), the pharaoh Menkaure (or Mikerinos) and by the pharaoh Chephren. The biggest pyramid is the one of Khufu and has about 146 meters, covering an area of about 5 acres of land, in one side being the suburbs of the capital Cairo and in the other part, the endless-like area of Sahara. The pyramid of Khufu (also called the Great Pyramid or the pyramid of Cheops) it was the highest construction in the world till 1888 when the Eiffel Tower was built. In the vicinity of this pyramid is the pyramid of Khafre (or the Kephren pyramid) as well as the pyramid of Menkaure with a group of small satellite pyramids known as the queens` pyramids. On the Giza plateau is also the Great Sphinx which is said that guards the pyramids. The Giza plateau was recently voted as a wonder of the seven new wonders of the world after the Great Pyramid was included in the list of the seven wonders of the ancient world, being the only wonder that survived and still exists. Between Giza and Abu Sir are the pyramid of Nebka that belonged to Khaba and the pyramid of his successor, Sekhemkhet.



Egypt Giza Plateau




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