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Giza necropolis is situated on the Giza plateau, at about 25 kilometers from the Cairo South West area. This necropolis is the place of the Great Pyramid of Khufu, the pyramid of Menkaure, the pyramid of Khafre, other small satellite pyramids built for the pharaohs` wives and families, numerous tombs and monuments. In the Sothern cemetery of Giza is the Tomb of Senefrukaef which is a tomb-chapel that has scenes of the tomb's owner and of his relatives as decorations. Inside the tomb was found a sarcophagus from limestone and without any inscriptions that now can be seen at the Cairo Museum. Among the tombs from this cemetery is the one of an important royal family member called Nefermaat known as the Son of the Sun. His tomb is also a tomb-chapel with scenes from the agricultural activity of those times, scenes with Nefermaat and his wife, or scenes in which he appears surrounded by animals. In this cemetery are tombs of others important kings such as: the tomb of Yun-min, the tomb of Seshemnefer IV or the tomb of Debhen. The largest Giza cemetery, the Western cemetery holds the tomb of Neferbauptah, which has 5 chambers, a big courtyard with pillar, a burial room with incomplete scenes. The tomb is very complex and can be visited by people. Another tomb is the one of Duaenre, open for the visitors after it was restored. The tomb offers scenes with the deceased and of animals, of people bringing him offerings, etc. The tombs of Iasen, of Senedjemib-mehu, of Khnum-inty, of Akhetmehu, of Iymery or of Senedjemib-inty are also situated in this cemetery. In the Giza's Eastern cemetery are the tombs of Queen Meresankh III, of Qar and the tomb of Idu. The tombs are very beautiful and have complex decorations and scenes.



Egypt Giza Necropolis




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