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The world’s second biggest suburb, Giza is situated on the Nile`s West bank, at about 20 kilometers from the Cairo South West, this city belonging to the Egypt’s capital, Cairo. The Giza plateau is the home of the world’s most important ancient monuments that include the Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, other significant temples and pyramids, as well as some royal tombs (the Pharaoh Djet tomb and the Pharaoh Ninetjer tomb are only two of them) and sacred constructions. There have been many changes in Giza’s infrastructure during the time; in the 19th and 20th centuries there were made streets, buildings, and roads. Today Giza represents a very important cultural centre and touristic city for Egypt. The modern Giza has two universities: Academy of the Arabic Language and University of Cairo, numerous luxury buildings and an industry of cigarettes, chemicals, movies and machinery, night clubs, restaurants. The Egypt Giza is a very visited city by numerous tourists who come here to see the Solar Barque Museum with its solar boat found in the Pharaoh's tomb, the pyramids, from which the most important are Great Pyramid of Khufu (also know as the Pyramid of Cheops), Pyramid of Khafre, the Sphinx. Other touristic attractions are represented by the Temple of the Sphinx and some tombs of nobles and pyramids of queens. In Giza are many fast foods for those that prefer the West’s food, hotels and an Indian restaurant. The city used to have an airport too but it was closed and on that place now are cultural activities and sportive activities. People who want to come to Giza by airplane can take airplanes that alight on the Cairo's airport. From Cairo to Giza you can travel by metro, by bus and by taxi.



Egypt Giza




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