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The Egyptian girls are beautiful, full of joy, kind and raised to become good wives and mothers. They go to schools, play on the streets, goes to the bazaars and markets with their mothers, helping them at their work. The Egyptian women started their fight for equal rights and position with the Egyptian men about 30 years ago and the fight still continues, the Egypt being more a patriarchal country. In antiquity, the social status of women in Egypt was established by their husbands` or fathers` social position, but they used to have the same rights with the men. The Egyptian girls and women are treated with very much respect legally and socially, too. They can buy a property and also govern it, they can adopt children, be their own representatives in court, etc. This respect was gained by the woman since the ancient times and kept by their work and fight. Today numerous Egyptian women have very good jobs such as editors at important newspapers, deans in universities, banks CEOs, ministers in the government, lowers and judges, stockbrokers, doctors. Also the women in Egypt work in food factories, textiles factories, pharmaceutical factories, in hotels, as servants, janitors, etc. A lot of Egyptian girl prefer to go to the universities and married later, in order to have high studies and a good job before founding a family. The girl and women in Egypt wear traditional Muslim clothes that are large and long, covering the whole body. Their heads are also covered with scarves. They color they nails with henna and their lips too. In Egypt are many organizations for women such as: the Center for Egyptian Civilization Studies, Cairo Family Planning Association, and Alliance for Arab Women, Egyptian Women Association, Egyptian Organization for Human Rights, the General Department of Women Affairs.



Egypt Egyptian Girls




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