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In Egypt are numerous and important ancient monuments. The most significant of them are the Giza pyramids, a mystery and continues attraction for generations and generations! The pyramids of Giza are huge structures from stone that are old of more than 4500 years, with the purpose of being homes for the deceased pharaohs, kings, royal families. But the real purpose, design and symbolism are still a fascinating enigma. These pyramids were made during the rule of the Khafra, Khufu and Menkaure kings, meaning the period between 2589-2504 BC. The place were the pyramids of Giza were built was near Memphis, the ancient capital of Egypt. The pyramids were a symbol of the pharaoh's prosperity as well as a cultural symbol. The mathematical rigueur and the size of the pyramids are an enigma that still represents a study object for geologists, Egyptologists and not only. Other mystery is the pyramids` purpose. The known reason is that the pyramids were made as places where the kings were buried after their death. The pyramids should protect the kings and help them in their way to the other world, where they will stay beside the gods. More, each pyramid has its mortuary temple for the rituals dedicated to the deceased kings and to the gods. But the kings and pharaohs weren't the only ones that had pyramids; their relatives and families had smaller pyramids there were discovered in the Giza complex, with tombs, boats for the journey to the after life and personal objects used by the pharaohs and their families in everyday life. Although it been thought that the pyramids were made by slaves, it seems that the monuments were built by labors which were paid and which have as motivation the faith in the pharaohs` immortality and the faith in gods.



Egypt Ancient Monuments




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