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In Giza is an ancient Egypt necropolis made from the Khufu pyramid, the pyramid of Menkaure, the Khafre pyramid, the Great Sphinx and also from royal tombs and monuments. The three cemeteries, (the Eastern cemetery, the Western cemetery and the Southern cemetery) are also a part of the ancient necropolis. In the Eastern cemetery are the tombs of Meresankh III, Idu, Khufukhaf, Qar, and many more. Among the Southern Cemetery’s tombs are the tombs of Senefrukaef and the tomb of Nefermaaa, and among the Western Cemetery`s tombs are the tombs of Neferbauptah, Senedjemib-inty, Shepseskafankh, Akhetmehu, Ity, Duaenre, Iymery, Iasen, Senedjemib-Mehu and Khnum-inty. There are others ancient Egypt necropolis like the one at Deir el-Medina, which is situated on the Luxor`s West bank. This necropolis has tombs of artists such as Ipuy- a sculptor and Inerkhau –a foreman, artists that worked in the West Bank. These artists created these tombs for themselves and for their families. The burial chambers are very beautiful, being adorned with scenes from their daily activities, from religious rituals or with fragments from the Book of the Dead. In the burial chambers the dead were buried with many funerary objects. The necropolis also had a chapel where the dead were commemorated. Another ancient necropolis was discovered at Helwan, in the vicinity of Cairo. This necropolis has about 20 tombs belonging to the Memphis` inhabitants. Some of the tombs were found in a very good condition and some was them seemed that were rubbed a very long time ago. In the tombs were found personal objects of the deceased, like jewelry or tolls used at work. These objects offer information about every individual in part as well as information about the social development of those times and that`s why very interesting to be analyzed.



Egypt Ancient Egypt Necropolis




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