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Egypt Zoo


Egypt Zoo


One of the world`s most beautiful zoo is the one of Giza, the home for various species of plants and animals. The area is very large and it is situated close to the Nile`s West Bank. The Northern tip of the Giza Zoo overlooks the University of Cairo. The zoo is close to the Cairo`s down town and is connected to it by many buses.

The Egypt`s Agriculture Minister is the supervisor of the Giza Zoo. The zoo was opened for public in 1891, on March 1. What make this zoo special are its lakes, rare plants, streams, alleys paved with very colored pebbled that are set in very nice mosaic pictures, its bridges and habitats that represent the houses of numerous animals.

Egypt Zoo


The habitats are hilly zones where the cactus trees are planted, as well as the cactus fruits, which is a rare plant. The preservation of the animals` lives is helped by the moderate climate of Egypt. The temperatures are the natural ones, and no air conditioning for warming or cooling are used.




This Zoo is seen like an immense exhibition of the African wild life. Among the animals that live at this zoo and which will be restored to the original environment is the heron, the Egyptian gazelle, the rams and the mountain goats.


The biggest area of the Giza Zoo is the place called the Citadel Hill; it was built in 1867 and has interesting decorations like different statues of the crocodiles, Fayoum rhinoceros and weird birds.


The plateau of this place is covered by a little park and has walks covered with plants, several streams, many different reptiles and birds - statues; in center is a hall that serves as resting place and being made from pebbles and cement. Through the caves the streams are flowing, and the coral reefs hang down into the waterfalls leading to a lake and 2 islands that are connected by a bridge made of wood.


Two artificial hills are in front of the lions houses; the connection between the hills is made by a bridge, suspended and made from iron.


It seems that this bridge is unique in Egypt. The Giza zoo also has a museum dating from 1906. The museum has 3 large halls where big groups of embalmed reptiles, animals, fish and birds from Egypt and from other countries are exhibited. Two other rooms have exhibitions of various species of birds, reptiles and animals.




In the museum's back is a factory for embalming. The museum is the place where some scientists study the birds and animals` behavior. People are encouraged to preserve the wild life and to promote a healthy environment in Egypt by 5 non-governmental organizations. Egypt is the country where the earliest zoos were discovered; they date from 2500 BC. The zoos were created by the wealthy people and by the pharaohs for the animals they used to receive as gifts. The collections of animals were very well kept.



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