Egypt yoga festival








Egypt Yoga Festival


Egypt Yoga Festival


The Egypt yoga festival is an interesting event where are lectures and seminars such as: the Pranayama` s importance, the hatha yoga, the karma yoga, the raja yoga, the naturopathy and yoga, ayurveda and yoga, jnana yoga, yogic pregnancy`s management, bhakti yoga, the philosophy and history of yoga as science, the contribution brought by yoga to the physical education field, the introduction to the yoga and its benefits. 

Egypt Yoga Festival


At this festival are meditation rooms where the guests can try different forms that help them to find their inner peace.The experts in yoga come to the festival for some demonstrations.

On the Red Sea`s beach workshops are held that generally include: yogic diving, yoga nidra, suryanamsakar, techniques of relaxation,




yogic pregnancy`s management, yoga exercises for the body`s flexibility, yoga exercises for beginners, yoga exercise for the advanced people, yoga exercises for the back pains, yoga exercises for the gastrointestinal disorders and for diabetes, yoga exercises for the intermediate levels, yogic stress, insomnia and hypertension`s management, the practice of Bhramari Pranayama, anulom-vilom pranayama.




There are also bazaars with exhibitions with nutritional products and information, clothing, mats bags, music for yoga, things for the teachers training, meditation, courses, holidays, retreats, etc. the Egypt international festival of yoga has a rich history: the first festival took place in 2006, March and the chief organizer was Hossam Darwish who is the Arab yoga committee`s vice president and tourism events expert. Together with the consultant/producer Anthony Sadasiva made a festival that exceeded all the expectations. The first edition was attended, supported and embraced by the international community`s representatives.


A lot of people who participated at the festival understood that yoga is an art of the well living. Yoga is education for the mind and for the body, as well as for the soul.


This was the main message of the festival, a message with a lot of success that was understood and embraced by all the participants to the first edition of the Egypt yoga festival. 


The second edition of the festival took place in 2007 and was had as theme ‘the unity in diversity: return to the light’. Hossam Darwish and Anthony Sadasiva brought together many people as well as yoga instructors and masters.


The second edition of the Egypt yoga festival had the support of the Egyptian government, of many clerics and people who made form this edition a huge success, again.


The festival showed that different people from all over the world and with various backgrounds can create an atmosphere full of harmony, with the goal of awareness, ethics and health. Eliminating the life`s egoist and selfish elements, the bad thoughts and words, the hurting attitudes towards the others and giving a chance to the compassion, the love and the kindness will make our life a happy one.




The third Egypt yoga festival took place in 2008, from May 30 till June 7. The festival` s theme was: ‘the world`s wonders pilgrimage of peace: from Giza to Petra’.



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