Egypt yemen war








Egypt Żemen War


Egypt Żemen War


The Yemen civil war lasted from 1962 till 1970 and it involved the Mutawakkilite Kingdom of Yemen`s royalists and the Yemen Arab Republic` s fractions. The Saudi Arabia supported the royalists and the Soviet Union and Egypt helped the republicans. Some foreign conventional and irregular forces had also their contribution.


Gamal Abdel Nasser, the Egypt`s president contributed with 70,000 troops to help the republicans. After some peace conferences and military steps, the result of the war was a stalemate. The military historians of Egypt saw the Yemen War as similar to the Vietnam War.


The military intervention of Egypt in Yemen was seen as being disastrous. The general staff of Egypt organized the Yemen War in three operational goals.




The air phase, that started with the jet trainers made to carry and strafe bombs, and ended with fighter bombers situated close to the Saudi-Yemeni border, was the first phase.


The Egyptian sorties were planned to attack the royalist formations situated on the ground, with high-tech air power.


The second phase constituted in securing the important routes that led to San` a and it was a combination with the air strikes of Egypt. The biggest offensive that was based on this tactic was called the ‘Ramadan Offensive’ and it lasted from March 1963 to February 1964. It was based on opening and then securing the roads that make the connection between San` a and Sadah and from there to East.


The Egyptian forces had a success that consisted in the refugee of the royalist resistance in mountains and hills where they regrouped and carried their offensive against the Egyptian and republican units that were controlling the roads and the towns.


The third offensive of the strategy consisted in the tribes` pacification and the expenditure of some very big amounts of money for the humanitarian problems and in the tribal leaders` outright bribery. Till 1967 the Egypt` s forces were concentrated only to defeat the triangle that linked Taiz, Hodeida and San` a while they were attacking the North Yemen and the Saudi Arabia with the air sorties. In 1967, August, Nasser called 15.000 of the troops from Yemen, with the goal of making up for 15.000 Egyptians captured, killed or missing, after the 6 days war.




Egypt increased the taxes of the upper and middle classes; also, the monthly compulsory savings of the workers were raised with 50%, the overtime pay was reduced, the most important programs were curtailed and the sugar ration was cut by a third. The only things that were increased were the military expenditures, from $140 million to about $1 billion. The president Nasser increased the prices of movies tickets, beer, railroad fares, cigarettes and of the long distances bus tickets. Because of the Suez Canal closing, Egypt lost about $5.000.000 per week and the hard currency debt of the country was about $1.5 billion. More, the reserves of foreign exchange went to $100 million. These was enough for Egypt to withdraw from the war.



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