Egypt yellow fever








Egypt Yellow Fever


Egypt Yellow Fever


Egypt yellow fever is a viral disease caused by the mosquitoes; the disease is usual in Africa (the sub-Saharan one). The illness can vary in its severity from a syndrome influenza-like to the severe hemorrhagic fever and hepatitis.


The travelers are not very exposed to this disease but the majority of the countries have requirements and regulations regarding the vaccination against yellow fever. These requirements and regulations have to be respected before entering Egypt.


If you wonder how you can get the yellow fever, since the disease is caused by mosquitoes, it means that it is transmitted by the mosquito` s bite.




The yellow fever is more present at the rainy season` s end, in the Central Africa and in West Africa (from July to October). In case that you want to know which are the ways through which you can avoid the yellow fever, then you should know for sure if the area where you travel is one with endemic yellow fever.


If so, you must be vaccinated and to avoid the mosquito` s bites. You should also wear long pants and long sleeves, stay in rooms that have a fan or with air conditioning, buy an insect repellent that contains DEET, spend the nights under the mosquito net.

To burn a mosquito coil during the night it also helps to keep the mosquitoes away. The yellow fever` s symptoms are the ones of influenza in the mild cases and high fever, even kidney failure, internal bleeding and meningitis in the serious cases.


The hepatitis is the yellow fever` s classic feature; this is the cause for the skin` s yellow color and for the disease`s name. As regarding the yellow fever` s treatment, unfortunately, no effective treatment is known, against the virus of the yellow fever.


The initial symptoms of the yellow fever can be treated by taking acetaminophen but the serious cases need hospitalization. The rate of mortality for the disease varies from 5% to 40%. So, you should have the vaccine to stay away from yellow fever.




A certification for the vaccination against the yellow fever is required from tourists at more than one year after they come from the infected areas. The tourists who come in Egypt must be ready to manage the heat with a sun block, to drink a lot of water. The drinking water of the principal towns and cities is chlorinated but you should drink the bottled water.




In Egypt were some cases of bird flue with deadly cases. The risk for the tourists is low but they should avoid the contact with the birds in cages, the domestic birds and the wild ones. They must eat cooked food, peeled fruits, well cooked eggs and poultry. The Nile` s waters are not for bath or for consume. The medical treatment is not cheap and the standards vary and that is why the tourists must have insurance when they go to Egypt. The medical facilities in the Cairo` s outside may be basic.



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