Egypt Winter








Egypt Winter


Egypt Winter


When you hear about Egypt you may think that the Egypt winter is different than in Europe, for example. Well, there are regions in Egypt where the winter is sunny, nice and warm, but in cities like Alexandria and Cairo can be colder than in Aswan or Luxor. For some people even the cooler weather of Egypt seems tropical, if they come from countries with true winters

In Egypt it rains very rare but when it happens the quantities of water are huge and can come with strong storms. In cities like Alexandria, the winter weather (from November to March) can be variable, with sunny days and cloudy days and rain.

Egypt Winter


The clouds and the bad weather are caused by the depressions that move from West to East on the Mediterranean Sea.

The most of the time the Egypt winter is sunny and warm, and the colder days appear only when the Northerly winds are stronger.




In the Egypt`s South the winter is warm, but the nights can be very cold because of the low temperatures. If you worked all the summer, while the other was having fun at sun, is not the case to make a depression: although the autumn is present and the destinations like Turkey or Greece are about to close the season, there is still a variant, very attractive: the wonderful country of Egypt!


A country on whose beaches at the Red Sea the weather is ideal for vacation starting with November. If in the middle of the summer a perfect vacation in resorts like: El Gouna, Hurghada or Sharm el-Sheikh depends very much on the quality of the air conditioned from the room and on the adoption of a program with Oriental theme, centered on a long lunch siesta, in October or November the temperatures are very nice.


In Hurghada for example, can be even 33 grades. More, on such weather you have more energy when it comes to go on trips to Luxor or Cairo, places where the temperatures are very high in the summer. That's why there is no wonder why the tour operators that sell tickets fro Egypt barely can manage the requests: all the reservations for October are made and there are numerous requests for November.


With no exaggeration, at Sharm el-Sheikh you can have a bath in the sea and stay on the beach on the New Year, a fact that, evidently contributes to the maintaining of a relative constant flux of tourists even in the extra-season months.




If we add to the subject the numerous facilities of spending the time, the extremely intense night life and the snorkeling offers, the cruises on the Red Sea or diving courses, we understand why Sharm el-Sheikh it’s the proud owner of ‘the Red Sea` a pearl’ statute. More, since the British premier Tony Blaire started to spend his winter holidays here, the resort received an imagine advantage that can not be neglected.



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