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Egypt Weapons


Egypt Weapons


The Egypt weapons during the Old Kingdom period were various; the soldiers were using spears, arrows, shields, bows, daggers, cudgels and maces. The battle axes and the quivers appeared before the intermediary period, when it was the revolution time for the martial arts in Egypt.

The 11th dynasty is the period when the metal arrowheads appeared; copper was the material used at their fabrication. The arrow and the bow were the Egypt army` s main weapons.

The New Kingdom`s infantry carried daggers, spears, scimitars and battle axes. The last but one mentioned was brought in Egypt by Thutmose III who used it in Syria.

Egypt Weapons


In numerous depictions the gods appeared give the pharaohs the victory weapon, which became an important part from the main equipment of infantrymen.




The Egyptians used the spears to stab and the charioteers used to have with them some spears (together with arrows and bows).


The majority of the new weapons that started to be used in the New Kingdom were coming from Asia. The helmets that were ordered by Ramses III were similar to the Syrian ones, the principal difference was the cords of the Egyptian helmets that ended with pendants.


The body armor had also an Asiatic origin. If we talk about the weapons of the modern Egypt, it seems that the Egypt` s efforts regarding the biological warfare include the work on the encephalitis virus, on botulism toxin and plague. It seems that researches are also including: mycotoxicosis, the Rift Valley fever and the anthrax.


These agents` extent is still unknown but the weapon industry of Egypt can be capable to devise various and suitable systems of delivery.


The Egypt` s president Anwar al-Sadat, said in 1970 that Egypt may own some biological weapons in the refrigerators and he also added that there was the possibility of using them against the population of Israel.




This declaration was an intention to warn Israel about a nuclear attack.

Egyptian Weapons

Egypt is not implicated in some important efforts of developing the capability of the nuclear weapons. Of course, Egypt is decided to pay more attention to the conventional forces` increase as well as of the biological and chemical ones, instead of the nuclear weapons. 1954 is the year when the nuclear program started in Egypt. The first nuclear reactor was brought in 1961 from the Soviet Union. The reactor with two megawatts was inaugurated in the Nile Delta, at Inchass, by Gamal Abdel Nasser, the president of Egypt.


The small nuclear reactor was controlled by the Soviets. NPT (the treaty on the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons) was signed by Egypt in 1968 but there was a delay when it came to ratify it, maybe because the Egyptian government had some evidences according to each Israel was involved in a nuclear weapon program.




Also, many nuclear experts of Egypt were lost since they chosen to work abroad. Some of them went to Canada and others in Iraqi.



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