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Egypt Water


Egypt Water


In Egypt as well as in Jordan, the water from faucet can be used for the dental hygiene. For drinking, the bottled water is indicated.


If you want to drink water, you can buy a bottle of maya (‘water’ in Arab). In Egypt, like in the entire Arab world, in general, there is no mineral water. Oahed is the number one non-mineral water in the Arab countries. The water is already the cause of some tensions between the regions that use the same rivers.

Egypt Water


The Nile, for example, is used as water source by 9 countries: 100% of the water used in Egypt (where it doesn` t rain) comes from this river. Ethiopia and Sudan, situated in upstream, could use more water in the future, because of the population` s growth, reducing in this way, the water quantity from which Egypt takes the water.




The water wasted by evaporation or spill in Egypt is in amount of 21.7 billion meters3 per year (from which 2.3 billion meters3 from the irrigation canals and 19.4 billion meters3 –the High Dam). Egypt has a strategy that has as aim to improve the efficiency of irrigation and to conserve the resources of water; these can be possible if the plants and the weeds that cause the loss of 0.75 billion meters3 of water per year are rooted out.




The first strategy regarding water in Egypt started in 1998. The project that is estimated to last till 2017 costs about 145 million of EGP. This strategy aims to maximize the water resources` use, to eliminate the pollution of the water, to cooperate with the other counties that share the Nile`s waterway to conserve and develop the waters of the river.


The studies regarding water and lasting till 2050 have to main approaches: to optimize the water resources management and to introduce the policies of alternative cooperation between the countries of the Nile-basin, in order to reduce the waste water.


Egypt wants to change the actual crop composition to respect the water export and production policies.


In Egypt are zones where the lack of water is a big problem.


One of these zones is Al-Qodaby, situated at 200 kilometers from the Cairo`s South.


The farmers of this place feel impoverished because of the irregular and reduced water supplies.


The recently months worsened the situation because some rural areas from Egypt were affected by the water shortages. The future is already here for the worried farmers of Al-Qodaby, as well as for those of the Delta and of the Cairo`s poorest areas. The farmers` animals and crops are affected by the water shortages, big quantities being sent in the Aswan`s South, in the desert.




In 2005 the Toshka project was inaugurated in order to help the desert and using the most complex and largest station of water pumping in the world. The expectations view the diverting of 10% from the Egyptian share of the Nile from the Lake Nasser to help the irrigations of the most barren and hottest desert of Egypt.



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