Egypt vaccination








Egypt Vaccination


Egypt Vaccination


There are some vaccinations as well as medications that you have to take before going to Egypt for some diseases that can be prevent through vaccination. All you have to do is to go to your doctor to find out for sure what vaccination you need.


It depends on various factors such as: your immunization history, your health, the activities you are going to do in Egypt and the zones you are going to visit.


To be sure of the vaccination`s effects you have to see your doctor with 4 – 6 weeks prior to your travel to Egypt. This is necessary if you want the vaccines to have effects. No matter if the period of time to your trip is short you still have to see your doctor for the necessary vaccines,




for the anti-malaria medicines or other needed drugs, as well as for the information regarding your health while you are in the trip.


It is recommended to see a doctor specialist in travel medicine that can be found at a travel medicine clinic.


Also, if you have some health problems you must tell your doctor about them before going to trip.


If you intend to travel in more countries than Egypt, you have to tell your doctor about it, in order to receive all the needed vaccinations.

Egypt Vaccination


The ones who are planning travels on long term or to study or work in Egypt, may need some additional vaccinations.

Egypt is not a country with a yellow fever risk, for example, but the government of the country asks the tourists who come from the countries with yellow fever cases to bring the proof they did the yellow fever vaccination.

For more details you have to see the information and the requirements offered by your doctor. The vaccinations for varicella (or chickenpox), influenza, for DPT (diphtheria – pertussis – tetanus), for MMR (measles – mumps – rubella), polio, are called the routine vaccines and can be done at all life` s stages. Ask your doctor about the immunization schedule.


Among the vaccinations you should have before going to Egypt are the one for hepatitis A (also known as the immune globulin IG), the one for MMR, DPT, for hepatitis B. of course you can go to Egypt without having these vaccines done but in this case you have to be aware that you are exposed to the diseases. Even if you don` t intend to travel the vaccinations are indicated since the childhood` s diseases are pretty common in numerous countries of the world.




The vaccination for hepatitis A is indicated for the people who haven` t had this vaccine and who may contact the disease through water or food. The vaccine for hepatitis B is indicated to the people who haven` t done the vaccine but are about to travel, to study or work in countries with a high level of HBV transmission or to those who are at a big risk of taking this disease through different ways.



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