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Egypt Vacation


Egypt Vacation


If you are tempted by few days of beach in the middle of the winter, but you also want a trip to some tourist objectives of huge importance, then an Egypt vacation is the best choice.


Between December and January, you van enjoy the sun and the breeze of the Red Sea, as well as the sensational view of the pyramids and Sphinx, in a trip that will combine the relaxation with the visit to some monuments of a country that have been fascinating the entire world since the antiquity.

Egypt Vacation


The Egypt vacation can have two parts, one of them being focused on the Cairo`s historic sites visit and the other one having as target your relaxation with the help of two strong allies: the sun and the sea.




The day 1 brings with it after the transport with the airplane and the hotel accommodation, a visit to the Archeology Museum in Cairo, where in front of the amazed viewers it reveals thousands and thousands of precious exhibits, the silent witnesses but extremely eloquent of the pharaohs` power and wealth. Here the ‘cursed thesaurus’ of Tutankhamon can be seen, which not at all the only attraction of the museum.


After this first contact with the antique Egypt, a visit in a specific Arab place it follows: the big Khan Khalili bazaar, where the European tourists can take the pulse of a true way of life: it has no changes from the 1001 nights. 


The next day, has as the ‘strong piece’ the visit to the pyramids, monuments whose celebrity is old for thousands of years.


When you see these colossus of stone, that have been defying all the time's vicissitudes for thousands of years, you can't not see with the mind`s eyes, at least for one second, the giant effort made by the antique Egyptians to immortalize in stone the pharaohs` will.


It follows a visit to the papyrus and perfume institute, from where you can go to Hurghada, on the Red Sea`s shore, for a deserved relaxation time.

The last days of your vacation you can spend at the beach, or practicing diverse nautical sports like surfing, or choosing the more expansive variant of the optional trips.


Small cruises with boats that have glass bottoms can be organized through the well known Red Sea`s reefs, there are also diving, and more, if you got the taste of the pharaohs Egypt, you can have a trip to Luxor, from where you can go to the Valley of Kings and to the great temples of Luxor and Karnak. All this entertainment is not included in the vacation price but the New Year`s festive dinner, the transport with a chart and the visits to the mentioned tourist objectives are included.




This is available if you use the services of an agency. You also have to know that the winter in Egypt has nothing to do with the European winter, being in fact the ideal season to visit this country.



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