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Egypt University


Egypt University


There are numerous universities in Egypt where you can study. Only at Cairo University are about 30 faculties, from which we mention: the faculty of medicine, the faculty of science, the faculty of law, the faculty of agriculture, the faculty of nursing, the faculty of veterinary medicine, the faculty of specific education, the faculty of arts, the faculty of economics and political, the faculty of engineering, the faculty of commerce, the national cancer institute, the statistical studies and research institute, the faculty of oral dental medicine, the Cairo university open learning center, the faculty of archaeology, the institute of educational studies and research, the faculty of kindergarten, the faculty of computer and informatics sciences, the African studies and research institute, the faculty of Dar El-Ulum.

Egypt University


One popular Egypt universities is the Assiut University which offers a central library and twenty eight branch libraries, all of them having 36 internet location and reference and resources books. The libraries serve the members of the universities` members and the assistants.




The libraries have academic dissertations (in number of 5000), Arabic references (1986), foreign periodicals (47) and foreign references (1059).


The university also has a digital library that serves to the scientific research and that corresponds to the IT systems in higher studies.


This library has over 22000 periodicals from the different fields of science and knowledge.


More, the university has 3 study halls, quiet and with air-conditioned; those halls capacity is of 1400 students.


The Assiut University also offers accommodation for its students in the comfortable dormitories and hostels where about 14900 students are staying during their studies.


The students can eat at the university` s 15 restaurants that offer around 45000 meals for students every day.


The university also attracts the students with its activities, medical and social care. The Olympic Village of the university has the next arenas and playgrounds:




a playground for soccer with a capacity of 1200 people, new arena (indoor) with playgrounds for basketball, handball and volleyball, with a capacity of 150 places, two courts for squash, with a capacity of 48 places each, halls with tables for tennis with a capacity of 50 places each.

Egyptian University

The halls for fitness have a capacity of 30 places each and the Olympic swimming compound a capacity of 850 places. Another important Egypt university is Tanta, situated in Tanta, at 90 kilometers away of Cairo and 120 kilometers away of Alexandria, Tanta being the Gharbia governorate` s capital. The Egypt` s ministry of higher education is the direct scientific supervisor of this university. The Tanta university offers the best opportunities of a higher education and at academic level in all knowledge` s fields not only for the Egyptian students but also for the students coming from all over the world.


The students have the chance to participate at the social and economic development and, of course, to qualify. The university works for a continuous knowledge` s development through a serious research in the scientific field. More, the university offers professional help and practical solutions for other institutions.



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