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Thousands of people travel to Egypt every year. This beautiful country offers numerous touristic attractions, such as the pyramids, the temples, the mummies, the ancient Egyptian civilization, the Coptic churches and monasteries, the hieroglyphs, the mosques, all of these and many more making from Egypt one of the world's most visited countries.


If you are one of the numerous people that intend to travel to Egypt you should know that the first step in your way to see the magnificent country is to obtain your visa.

Egypt Travel


For that, you have to go to your closest Egyptian Consulate or Egypt's Embassy. It is the perfect place to find all the details about the documents you need to enter in Egypt.

If you intend to bring your personal car to Egypt, this is not a possible thing. But you can rent a car or, better, you can take a taxi.

Egypt has numerous cab companies that will transport you to any destination you desire.In case that you don't want your pet to miss the Egypt's beauties, it is no problem to take your favorite animal with you. This only condition is to bring a health certificate for the pet, which you can procure it from a vet, and an origin certificate, too.


This one can be get from a vet too, or from the pet shop from where you bought the animal. When going in Egypt for an anniversary, a party or to celebrate the New Year, for example, and you wish to bring with you some champagne, you ought to know that you can not bring in Egypt more than two liters of alcohol per person.


Also, you should know that in the Pharos` country the legal age for drinking alcohol is 21.Don't worry if you don't speak Arab, the Egypt's national language;



English, French and German are spoken all over the country and Egyptian people are very friendly and willing to help the tourists.

One think is for sure in Egypt: this country amazes everybody with its beauty, charm and various attractions, so, everybody wants to make some pictures to immortalize a part of these attractions and keep them as memories. In that case a useful thing to know is that it is recommended to use a ISO/ASA 100 & 400 print film, which will allow you to take pictures outside, where the sun is very powerful and also, inside the museums, tombs or temples where is dark. A polarizing filter is recommended, too, to reduce the glass` reflections or the glaring light.

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Some tombs or museums perceive fees from the people that want to take pictures or to use a camera inside, except for the Karnak Open Air Museum. The money goes to the Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities.



We can start your visit in Egypt with a Nile Valley tour, then you can see the Theban West Bank's tombs, the famous Pyramids or the old Cairo with its Coptic churches and monasteries. Enjoy the wonderful Egypt!



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