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Egypt Train


Egypt Train


If you intend to travel from one Egyptian city to another by the Egypt train then you have the Abela Egypt Company as option. You have the chance to travel in a very comfortable way (even during the night), to arrive relaxed and fresh at the wanted destination. In this way your holiday in Egypt will be more than pleasant.


Abela Egypt train promises to offer to all of its clients the chance of a travel in an elegant, comfortable and refined atmosphere as well as various services of a high quality on board.

Egypt Train


The trains are daily from Cairo to Luxor and Aswan, from Aswan to Luxor and Cairo, from Alexandria to Cairo, Luxor and Aswan, and from Aswan to Luxor, Cairo and Alexandria.




The trains from Cairo to Matrouh can be taken every Saturday, Monday and Wednesday (from June 15 to September 15). The train from Matrouh to Cairo can be taken every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday (from 15 June to 15 September). Abela Egypt has well-trained stuff who will take of your sleep, making sure that you will want to travel with these Egypt trains again.


The trains have a full capacity of 13 sleeping cars for each train, with ten double cabins. There is a connecting door in each cabin that can be used when is the case. Razor plugs, towels, soaps, basins and tap water are in each cabin. The door`s top has a compartment for luggage. After you have your dinner you and your family can spend the time at the Club Car that has a special design, various drinks that you can serve at bar or in your cabin.


In every cabin of these Egypt trains you can find control buttons for the cabin light, the control of the cabin` s temperature, the button to call the steward, the one for the reading lamp's control and the one for the music` s volume control.


When you travel with the trains you can have at breakfast: jam, cheese, olives, butter, Nescafe or tea, French bread, croissant or toast.


At dinner: rice, yogurt salad, vegetables and chicken, green salad, fillet or fish with potatoes, fresh fruits, butter, bread and dessert. The price for a trip from Cairo to Luxor, Aswan and back is of $60.

The price is for one person and a double cabin and includes the breakfast and the dinner.


For one person and a single cabin the price is $80. The children with ages between 4 and 9 years have to pay $45, with dinner and breakfast also included.




$43 is the price that you have to pay for a trip from Cairo to Matrouh and back, for one person and a double cabin, with breakfast and dinner included in price. For one person and a single cabin, with dinner and breakfast included, the price for the same trip is of $60. A very nice trip with the Egyptian trains that offer you the chance of traveling fast and safe between the Egypt`s cities!



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