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Egypt Temples


Egypt Temples


Temples of Egypt

Another important element of the Egyptian civilization and touristic attraction are the Egypt temples.


The largest religious structure in the world, the Temple of Karnak was built 2000 years ago in Thebes (the actual Luxor) and was dedicated to the Theben triad.


The temple has numerous buildings, ten pylons and four courtyards.


The Hypostyle hall has 134 columns, being the world's biggest room of a religious construction.


The Karnak Temple's lake is also the largest lake from all the temple's lakes. The temple is just a part of the Karnak temple complex that includes pylons, ruined temples and chapels. The temple's construction started in the Middle Kingdom and ended in the New Kingdom period.

The avenue that leads to the first pylon's entrance has many sphinxes that have rams heads with curly-horned. A figure with small dimensions of Rameses II sits between the sphinxes` paws.

Egypt Temples

One of the most beautiful Egypt temples is the Luxor Temple that once was connected to the Karnak Temple through a causeway with sphinxes.




The Luxor Temple was built by Amenhotep III and completed by Ramses II who added a pylon and a big external court. Two obelisks were placed in front of the Pylon; only one of them remained, the other one was donated in 1819 by Mohamed Ali to France King Philip Louis and put in La Place de la Concorde in Paris.


Mohamed Ali received a French clock. In front of the Pylon were also six statues from which only one exists now.


The Pylon's gate is flanked by two colossi that represents Ramses II sitting on the throne. At 48 kilometers from Aswan`s North is the Temple from Kom Ombo, built between 332 BC and 395 AD. This temple is a double one, dedicated to Horus (the falcon-headed god) and to Sobek (the crocodile god), a thing that makes the temple a unique one.


The left side of the temple is dedicated to Horus, and the right one to Sobek.


Each side of the temple has its own chapel and own gateways. And special festivals and ceremonies are held for the each of the two gods.


The Temple of Dendara was the temple of the goddess of joy, love and beauty-Hathor. The roof, the rooms and the walls are in their original form. On he temple's roof is a chapel that have columns decorated with Hathor's figure. From the temple's roof you can see the temple sacred lake that now has no water and only trees.




The temple of Rameses III from Madinat Habu has two courts, a migdol tower, a small temple, a chapel, a hypostyle hall and a gateway. The first court has a portico that is supported by columns in the Osiris` shape. The second court has columns on which you can see the pharaoh offering gifts to the gods. The gateway makes the connection with the hypostyle hall from which only some store rooms and the columns` bases remained intact.



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