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Egypt Television


Egypt Television


There are many televisions in Egypt, with different targets and shows.

One of them is the Aghapy TV, which is the first Coptic Orthodox Christian channel that broadcasts by satellite and has as goal to serve the Christians by broadcasting social, health related and spiritual programs.


The desire of the Coptic orthodox Christians of having a satellite channel to bring in their homes the Coptic orthodox church`s richness it had been long.

Egypt Television


The programs of such a channel help them to grow in the knowledge and grace of Christ. By watching this TV channel the people can learn Coptic hymns, can be guided by spiritual sermons and can have many other benefits by watching the Aghapy TV.




The director of this channel is the bishop Botros who is also the TV` s founder and the Coptic Orthodox Church` s general bishop.


The desire of the Coptic orthodox Christians to have their television became true in 2005, on November 14, when, with the help of the prayers, of the Alexandria`

s pope (pope Shenouda) and of the See of the Saint Mark` s patriarch, the Aghapy TV started to broadcast in the Middle East, Europe and South America.

In short time, the television started to broadcast in the New Zeeland, Australia and North America. Now, this channel can be received in more than 80 countries, every day.

Another Egypt television is Al Qiethara, a satellite television channel (also private), that provides original musical programs from Iraq to the Arab audience.


The television offers to the young and talented Iraqi artists the outlet, the chance and the necessary production for their creative new music and for their expression Iraq with the Iraq`s modern music. In this way, the Al Qiethara television promotes the coexistence and the coherence between the diverse segments of the Iraq`s segments.




It also promotes the acceptance and the tolerance towards the others. The channel puts accent on the women participation and all the Iraqi cultures are fair represented. At Al Qiethara you can listen to Kurdish, Ashurian and Arabic songs. In 1996, July, the Nilesat was established. It is an Egyptian investment company that operates the satellites for the DTH broadcasting and some related facilities. The company launched two satellites (Nilesat 101 and 102) and the additional segment of space is resolved by the Nilesat 103, the 3rd satellite.

Television in Egypt

Now, 452 of TV channels, all digital, are broadcasted by the Nilesat, in KU band. The company also offers 104 radio channels, also digital, internet services and data transmission. About 76% of these TV channels are air free, and the other ones are coded. The channels cover not only entertainment but also stock exchange and business services and thematic learning at distance. Another communication company of Egypt is the Tamima Group which offers to its consumers, media and telecommunications services through modern technology.


Other Egypt TV is Al Khalijiyah TV, which is a national television with a various program of news, shows, music and movies.



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