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Egypt Telecom


Egypt Telecom


1854 is the year when the industry of telecommunications appeared in Egypt, the same year when the first line of telegraph made the connection between Cairo and Alexandria.


It was the beginning of the future Telecom Egypt, the Egyptian's principal telephone company.


Twenty seven years later, the same cities, Cairo and Alexandria were also connected through the first Egyptian telephone line.


In 1918, the Telephone and Telegraph Authority was created by the Egypt's government, who invested 755,000 L.E in the Eastern Telephone Company. Arab Republic of Egypt National Telecommunications Organization (ARENTO), the actual Telecom Egypt launched in 1975 the first car-phone service.

Egypt Telecom


And three years later, in Maadi was inaugurated the first earth station, having a 120 channels capacity and making the satellite connection of Egypt with the world. In 1998 ARENTO was transformed in Telecom Egypt.

In 2002, the telecom Egypt company arise on the telecommunications` market with new way of approaching business and with a new look, airing a campaign of an award winning, a campaign that lasted the whole Ramadan month.


Today, Telecom Egypt is not only the Egypt's main telecommunications provider but it is also the Middle East`s fixed-lines services largest provider, having more than 11 million of costumers. Telecom Egypt offers services as transmission of data, Internet, services of local and international voice, as well as fixed line services.


Telecom Egypt also launched a second Algerian fixed-line network, Consortium Algerian des Telecommunications, as a partnership with OTH (Orascom Telecom Holdings). And this was just a step from the company extension plan.



As financial activity and staffing, Telecom Egypt is the biggest company from the public sector.

The Egyptian company has public-private partnerships with the projects CDMA Wireless Local Loop, Nile Vision, Egypt 2000 and The Golden Pyramid. More, Telecom Egypt holds 50.00% from Wataneya for Telecommunication, 97.66% from TE Information Technologies [Xceed], 48.90% from Middle East Radio Communication, 40% from IT Incubator Fund, 44, 79% from Vodafone Egypt Telecommunications Company, 58,76% from Centra Technologies, 95,04% from TE Data (all of these being Egyptian companies) and 50% from Consortium Algérien De Télécommunication ( from Algeria).

In 2006, Vodafone Egypt (one of the Egypt`s two mobile telephone companies) had more than 8.449 million customers, the number being in a continues growing. In the same year, the number of the people that were connected to Internet trough the TE Data (offered by Telecom Egypt) increased with 238% from the preceding year.



The Egyptian market of telecommunications is valued at LE 10 billion (2.9 billion $) according to the MCIT (The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology). Introduced on the Egypt's market in 1998, the mobile services represents the Egypt's telecommunications private sector that have the biggest investments., with a 3, 8% rate of penetration.

Egypt imports the most of the telecommunications equipment and services from the United States of America, Egypt being one of the biggest USA` s importers of this type of products, and, implicit, a major market partner for USA.



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