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Egypt Tea


Egypt Tea


Almost everywhere you are welcomed with tea or karkade in Egypt. The karkade is a very, very sweet tea, drawn in sugar, with hibiscus flowers-Japanese rose- and much vitamin C. The Egypt`s national drink is the tea, holding the main place. The Egypt tea is named shai and is imported only from Sri Lanka and Kenya.

The tea is considered a strategic crop by the government of Egypt. The most recent tea that entered in Egypt is the green tea that is not very popular yet. In the Lower Egypt (the Northern Egypt) the Koshary tea is popular; you can prepare this tea in the traditional way: steep the black tea in some boiled water and let it to set for couple of minutes.

Egypt Tea


The cane sugar is put in this Egypt tea as well as some leaves of fresh mint. You can also add some milk. In general the Koshary tea is light and one half of teaspoon is enough for a cup. in the Upper Egypt (the Southern Egypt) the Saiidi tea is popular. You can prepare it by boiling the black tea in water for about 5 minutes.




This tea is very heavy so you have to put 2 teaspoons at one cup. You have to put more cane sugar because the Saiidi tea is very bitter. The tea plays an important role in the Egyptian daily life, many people being dependent of tea when they wake up in the morning. To drink tea after the lunch is also a tradition.


If you pay a visit to someone you will be served a tea, no matter the socio-economic status of the guest.

Duty is the tea nickname in Egypt, since to serve tea to a visitor is seen as a duty. In the Egypt`s teahouses you can also serve tisanes and karkade.

The karkady is the Arabic name of the red hibiscus tea; the plantations of karkady are very popular in the Upper Egypt` s hot areas, around Aswan and Qena as well as in the Fayoum Oasis.

The tourists find the tea serving very nice; the tea supply is ready and vast. In each city of Egypt you can find alleys with coffee shops where you can have a nice and relaxing tea.


The Egypt tea is a little bit stronger that is why is preferred to be drunk with 2 or 3 spoons of sugar, although there are people who prefer to drink it strong. The tea leaves are in generally left to the bottom of the cup but they are not for drink.




But in Egypt, the tea can be drunk not only in the coffee shops but also everywhere. On the alleys and in the parks are merchants with their stands of tea. In the big shops the clients and the employees can as much tea as they want. The boys who sell tea on the streets are there for the people who want to enjoy this wonderful drink.



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